Creativity training for Europe

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STRIPS: on Integration road

– Project “Pro.Mani_ECO”

CUP 78942 P.O.R. CRO FSE 2007-2013 Asse V Transnazionalità ed Interregionalità (Italy). This project has been written by Arezzo Innovazione. Consorzio Arezzo Innovazione (CAI) is an entirely public consortium founded in 2003, represented by the Province of Arezzo, the Chamber of Commerce and several municipalities of the Province of Arezzo (Tuscany). It’s statutory includes the conducting of necessary activities to aid local industrial estates and enterprises to achieve unanimity and the best results by ensuring the planning and actualization of productive and functional policies towards the development of the local economy in Arezzo.

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– Project “Galeuropa”(Spain)

promoted by Xunta de Galicia. Its objective was offering to the participants a placement for 2 months in several countries of the European Union. Some of the participants did their stay in Amsterdam

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– Project “Movilidad Pablo Picasso”

2013-1-ES1-LEO02-69545. This project is directed to ex-students of Pablo Picasso School that gives expertise in graphic design and interior design. It gives them the opportunity of doing a placement in another country of the European Union.

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– Project “SEM Sustainable Energy for Mobility”

2013-1-ES1-LEO02-66361 aimed to 50 unemployed young people in the sectors of renewable energies, engineering, architecture, biology. This project will offer placement to the 50 participants for 13 weeks in other countries of the European Union.

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– Project: GO – TOUR 2012 – 1-IT1-LEO02 – 02647 – “GO TOUR”

CUP: G32B12000430006  European Lifelong Learning Programme.