A´damMob was founded in Amsterdam city in 2012. During all these years, it has been working on the youth sector with the intention to improve the knowledge and the cohesion of the European Union and to empower and give opportunities to the young people who integrate the old continent.

A´damMob works with Erasmus + programme specialized on education, training, culture and sports opportunities for young people or professionals who work by and for the youngsters. The main purpose of the association is encouraging a communitarian spirit and supporting the knowledge of the European culture. Their main activity is facilitating mobility experiences abroad, linguistic training, and international cooperation and international dialogue. A’damMob organizes multicultural events, workshops and training courses through a non-formal education which offer the youngest people the chance to grow up thanks to social and work experiences abroad. The main purpose of these actions is increasing their awareness and their personal potential on a everyday more competitive and more globalized world.