Creativity training for Europe project

Adam mob is now partner of Creativity training for Europe

A project which facilitates that people with talent and creative abilities, mostly without specific or professional training -or without degree- to use it. This European project aims to give materials, training and support to there creative entrepreneurs in order to get the most in their personal and professional growth

This project has to complementary sides:

1) Training creative skills in entrepreneurship:
from a European framework CT+ extract a European curriculum designing a European methodology to train creative skills in entrepreneurship, and to produce digital contents for people’s training.

2) Creating a digital environment where people can show and share their work, or offer their work, establishing a meeting point and community for collaboration and entrepreneurship with other professionals, or with people/companies that could need their services and abilities.

The goal of CT+ Project is to be an useful tool to reduce creative unemployed people, offer effective strategies for development of relevant and high-quality skills and competences, promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among people and balance differences between woman and men on a creative work environment.

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